by neptune

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Put a thought into your head
That winds up with me dead
This game always reboots where I started

This godforsaken mess
And unrelenting stress
There’s only one way out of this tight net

So, expose all of my needs
And “call me out” for greed
I’ll find a proxy way to force my bleed

Cut the skin right off my bones
And don’t stop ‘til the core
Of all my problems surfaces once more

La da da di dum lu la la
Can’t we just agree that we both despise me?
La da da di dum lu la la
La da da di dum lu la la
On the count of three, stick your scalpel right through me


Don’t just stand there staring
Come up on stage and take the winning chunk out of my face
What a fucking disgrace

I don’t think you can see
How this searing pain fills me with glee
Oh now dear me, could it be you like me?

Well, I don’t understand you
And you can’t deduce me
We’re stuck in this debate eternally

A slice of poisoned skin
A taste of what’s to come
The toxic boy pollutes another one

Cutting off my limbs and
Amputating any sympathy from my body
I’m left with nobody

Don’t you try to stop me
How could I deserve any of your welcoming words?
Send them to the needy

Sneaking past my mistakes
So Death speeds up to encourage the chase, it’s a fun game!
Gambling with your life’s name

Blind eyes to what I say
You stick around, you’re making a mistake
Is this cliche? I’m only the entree

I don’t think you can see
How this searing pain fills me with glee
Oh now dear me, could it be you like me?

I can tell you’re lying
It’s striking, clear-cut, plainly on your face
Put in my place? Gimmie some fucking space

Set me loose in your house
The animal I am causes a mess, who’s at fault here?
Hunter or his trapped deer?

Problems got a name, dear
You’re looking at his sad forgotten eyes
What a surprise! This’ll be my demise

Feel the wind on your skin
Made it to the top, and I won’t stop
Greatest end tier? Just step to the right here…


released December 24, 2016
feat. Dex




all rights reserved


neptune Melbourne, Australia

hey im fish and i make original songs with vocaloid.

i appreciate if you buy the stuff here but it's not necessary, there are mp3/wav downloads available in my videos.

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